Hello! I’m Karin Maloney Anderson- Seandalai (Irish for archaeologist).  My wee company is the Mobile Archaeology Project, or M.A.P.


From MAP’s About page:

Karin received her undergraduate degree in Anthropolgy from Ball State University in 1990. While there, she had the opportunity to work with the public on several excavations. These experiences first sparked her interest in sharing science with others. She met her husband Tom at Ball State as well; they married in 1990. After a year of working as a field archaeologist for Indiana University, Karin attended The Ohio State University and received an M.A. in Anthropology with an Archaeology specialization in 1994. During her time there, she was an archaeology intern for the Ohio Department of Transportation.

Karin’s decision to stay home to raise their 4 children was one that rekindled her interest in sharing her love of learning with others- especially young people. Through their children, she began to develop ideas about how to enhance learning. In 2006, she took a part-time position with Hamilton County Parks and Recreation developing and implementing archaeology, natural history and science programming. During her years with the parks she learned a great deal about working with people of various ages, abilities and life experiences. She found encouraging other’s excitement about learning was the aspect of the job she enjoyed most.

Since 2010, Karin has attended several traditional skills workshops with her family. Seeing her own children’s enthusiastic response to the skills lessons and outdoor setting, she began to realize how “learning by doing” is almost entirely absent from the public school setting. She began to form the ideas now present in the M.A.P.’s programming.

Currently, Karin divides her time between homeschooling, working as Cultural Resources Specialist for the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma, and developing the M.A.P.

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